Holistic Massage Treatments

When life take's it out of you - Massage puts it back in.  

I have over 17 years of experience in practising massage treatments, and I have the approach where you (the client) will decide the best 'style' of treatment that suits your current needs, i.e., deep tissue, trigger point releases, stress relieving or gentle and relaxing.    

I can offer the following variety of holistic treatments (read more on each below) :

  • Indian Head Massage (includes neck & shoulders) - 30 minutes 
  • Special Feet treatment including Reflexology points - 45 minutes

* My rates vary between R450 and R650 per hour depending on where the treatment is being done, please enquire. Discounts apply for bookings of 3 or more treatments.

  • Back & Neck Massage
  • Back, Neck, Shoulders & Arms
  • Full Body Massage (at least 1 hour required)
  • Hot Stone Back & Neck massage (at least 1 hour required)
  • Full Body Hot stone Massage ( at least 1 and half hours required)
  • Combo's e.g. Back & Neck Plus Feet Treatment (at least 1 and half hours required)

The different options of the venues :

  1. If you are guests at Assegai House - I set up in the room off the back stoep/patio, so you don't have to move to enjoy your treatment.   
  2. If you are guests at the TiPi's : Indian Head Massage (seated & clothed) can be done in the garden at your TiPi.  At the Noy Noy 'honeymoon' TiPi : choice of any massage (excl hot stone) as I will set up on the deck of the TiPi site. "Couples Massage" at Noy Noy is possible, please enquiry. 
  3. Boskloof Cabin : Any choice of Massage to be done at Boskloof (excl hot stone), I will bring my my bed and gear to you.
    4. Travelling Massage Therapies : Relax at your own guesthouse / cottage and I will come to you. Please enquire about travelling massage pricing.

As I am often busy with other work, to avoid disappointment please make your treatment bookings at least a week ahead of time. Telephone : 023 626 6115 or via email to info@klaasvoogds.co.za

Indian Head Massage – “Get a Head start”

India is a place of mystery and magic and Indian Head Massage is a tangible expression of that. Practised in villages throughout India, it is somehow greater than its constituent parts.
Combining this age-old technique and special head massage oils, the treatment improves circulation in the head, enhances the senses, improves memory, eases mental and emotional stress and promotes clear thinking. 

Energy Reflexology – “The healing within is the greatest healer”

Modern research has indicated that 75% of all ailments are stress related. The resulting imbalance create a toxic build-up which inhibits the free flow of energy essential to well being.
The basis of reflexology lies in stimulating the reflexes on the feet that correspond to areas within the body.
Reflexology aids relaxation, releases a flow of vitality and restores balance, encouraging the body’s own healing system to take over.

Massage Treatments – “When Life Takes it out of you, massage puts it back”

Hippocrates the father of medicine said, “that to enjoy a healthy life, one should bathe in aromatic waters, and have massages with scented oils daily.”
Massage combined with aromatherapy can be used to alleviate the symptoms of stress, tension and fatigue and assist in restoring energy and vitality. 

Hot Stone Massage

Thermal conduction of the heat retaining basalt stones brings about local and systemic changes in the body, and influences the energy centers for body and mind balancing. The use of massage techniques in conjunction with the stones helps produce energy that assists with and directs vital flow to areas of blockage.

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